CAR EXPO debrief!

It was so great to meet so many agents that are looking to take their business paperless. We continued to be asked “how do I go paperless?” and “what do I need to go paperless?”. Seems that a lot of the expo seminars covered ways to make your business more efficient from going paperless to social networking to mobile platforms. And we were hit with one big question: “do you guys do the same thing as docusign and echosign?”

Well the all encompassing answer to all of these questions is YES! Yes we can make your business paperless, yes we know what you need to go paperless and yes we offer the same feature as docusign and echosign… and MORE!

We have always believed that real estate agents are looking for simple platforms to manage multiple features in once place. We know that you need to fax, email, manage documents, be reminded through email notifications, and most importantly capture real biometric and click to sign electronic signatures. And we know that you need a provider that doesn’t just sell you software but support you in how to integrate the software in the real world of real estate transactions. We are technology consultants (we know about a lot of other helpful technology) and we care about selling you something that you can actually use.

There is nothing that frustrates us more than selling someone software that never uses it! Training is crucial and I promise if you are trained correctly you will adopt a paperless strategy much quicker.

So when you are looking for a paperless solution make sure you are getting more than just one aspect of taking your business paperless. You need to manage your electronic forms, you need to be able to communicate electronically and you need to be able to capture BOTH types of electronic signatures. Real estate is still a service business and you need to meet your clients in person… at least to get the listing!

p.s. we are doing video testimonials (for the website) at NAR in San Diego let us know if you want to participate.

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