CAR Sacramento Mid-Year Summit

At the airport getting ready to leave Sacramento. Had such a great time meeting so many real estate agents in Sacramento last couple of days at the mid-year CAR Conference.  CAR always put on amazing events this year Jerry Brown spoke and he had some interesting things to say.  And Sacramento was a great host town!  And it rained no less and was in the mid-80s… perfect!

There seems to be genuine interest in Real Estate Dashboard and with the price of Tablet PCs continuing to decrease the solution is is becoming a more realistic option.  When the solution (hardware and software) starts to fall well below 2k (for start-up costs) the time is now to go paperless!

I believe most see the value in taking paper out of the work flow. Some of you mentioned that certain clients like to see the paper trail and request that you leave the physical signed contract for their files. Remember that by law you are not required to leave them a physical copy of the contract. Now I am not suggesting that you should not honor the client request but let them know that you can email them the file that they can print if they wish.

Paperless begins with you the individual. Taking paper out of your flow makes you more efficient and allows you to benefit from not having to deal with printers, fax machines and scanners! Don’t worry the rest of the world will follow… be an early adapter! Set yourself a part from the rest of the pack. I promise that most clients will see you as an innovator and that will ultimately lead to more business.

I hear more and more that having the ability to instantly draw up a contract in the field will win you at least one more deal than you would have got if you had to “go back to the office to draw up a contract.”  Don’t loose the momentum of the close, get it signed now!

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