Complex Transaction Software Solutions

I was talking with a broker today. He was expressing grief over the fact that most real estate agents are averse to using new technology. He made one of the top transaction management solutions available to agents but most didn’t use it and many found it too cumbersome to learn.

Technology is supposed to help create efficiencies and make day-to-day life easier. Though for most the learning curve is too intimidating and quite frankly easier to avoid at the end of the day. This is exactly the reason that we created a solution that is EASY TO USE. We realize that most technology solutions developed for the real estate professional are difficult to learn and require several hours of training to master. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not more difficult!

For the real estate professional the most important aspect of their job is executing contracts. Being in front of their clients helping them to either buy or sell a home is the most important aspect of the job! They need solutions that help them manage the transaction from the standpoint of getting several contracts signed in a timely manner and moving those documents through the transaction process. The ability to do this all from your computer is THE SOLUTION that real estate professionals need! And they need to be confident that they can manage these documents in one place so the agent and broker can check against a compliance list making sure that all the correct paperwork is complete. Complex transaction software is UNECESSARY!

Integrated paperless mobile solutions are the answer, a solution that helps you capture more business in the field… where it matters!

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