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Equifax Approves GoPaperless Solutions as Approved eSignature Vendor

Escondido, CA – GoPaperless Solutions is pleased to announce its eSignature approval from Equifax. The approval will allow individuals and businesses to electronically sign and submit an essential mortgage lending Internal Revenue Service’s Requests for Transcript of Tax Return form, also known as the “4506-T.”

eSignOnline addresses the IRS’s requirements as an eSignature platform by offering:

Secure Authentication – eSignOnline offers multiple authentication methods including email, per session password, per signer password, SMS and KBA.

Consumer Consent – eSignOnline requires consumer consent before proceeding into the signing ceremony.

Audit Trail – All eSign documents include a separate Certificate of Authenticity that is legally binding with all details of the signing session.

Tamper Evident – eSignOnline uses digital certificates and follows the industry’s best practices making each eSign document self-evident to any tampering.

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About Equifax

Equifax is a global leader in consumer and commercial information solutions, providing businesses of all sizes and consumers with information they can trust. We organize and assimilate data on more than 500 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide, and use advanced analytics and proprietary technology to create and deliver customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.

About GoPaperless Solutions

GoPaperless Solutions is a hi-tech company delivering the latest in total paper-free computing business solutions backed by leading edge service and support with our global ecosystem in mind. GoPaperless Solutions provides innovative software solutions such as eSignOnline™, eSignPrinter™, eSignAdmin™, eMail2eSign™, eSignDashboard™, Real Estate Dashboard™ and REDfax™ for the paperless professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, health care, and field service.

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