FormSimplicity Select GoPaperless’ eSignOnline as its Integrated e-Signing Solution

FormSimplicity Select GoPaperless’ eSignOnline as its Integrated e-Signing Solution

FormSimplicity Select GoPaperless’ eSignOnline as its Integrated e-Signing Solution

GoPaperless Solutions is pleased to announce that Form Simplicity has announced a strategic relationship with the company and selected eSignOnline as the electronic signing solution integrated within the Form Simplicity program.

With Form Simplicity’s new integrated e-signing solution, powered by GoPaperless Solution, users can now easily and quickly start, send, complete and mange an e-signing process within one easy-to-use interface. Form Simplicity transaction documents as well as uploaded files can now be e-signed in minutes rather than hours and days, reducing cost and eliminating paper from the document workflow. The integrated e-signing solution ensures that the Form Simplicity user experiences a single-sign on and consistent user interface branded to the regional Form Simplicity client. Form Simplicity is now the official forms provider to a growing list of REALTOR® organizations in areas ranging from Florida, South Dakota, Delaware, Iowa, and Massachusetts among others.

“We partnered with GoPaperless because we felt its eSignOnline solution would be widely accepted by Form Simplicity users,” said Joe Ballarino, President and COO of Real Estate Industry Solutions, developer of Form Simplicity. “With the e-signature’s easy-to-use interface within Form Simplicity, users will be delighted at just how quickly they can send documents to their clients for signatures, in addition to having easy access to another tool they can use to create a paperless office.”

“We are excited to offer the integrated eSign service for FormSimplicity. The integration is seamless and adds value to the entire process. We have created a secure and robust system allowing users to feel confident their documents will be signed and returned quickly,” said Mehrdad Alaei, CEO of GoPaperless Solutions, developer of eSignOnline and Real Estate Dashboard for the Real Estate Industry.

Form Simplicity users have the option to purchase Form Simplicity’s e-signature tool by upgrading to the Ultimate edition. In addition to unlimited e-signing capabilities, the Ultimate edition gives users unlimited online transaction storage and unlimited domestic faxing for only $99/year per user. Users may simply click the “Upgrade” link on the homepage of Form Simplicity to select the Ultimate edition.

About GoPaperless Solutions
GoPaperless Solutions is a hi-tech company delivering the latest in total paper-free computing business solutions backed by leading edge service and support with our global ecosystem in mind. GoPaperless Solutions provides innovative software solutions such as eSignDashboard, Real Estate Dashboard and eSignOnline for the paperless professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, health care, and field service.

About Real Estate Industry Solutions
Real Estate Industry Solutions, LLC is a leading provider of forms management software and technology support services for the real estate industry. The company provides associations, multiple listing services, brokers and vendors value for their customer base through services such as Form Simplicity and Technology Helpline. Real Estate Industry Solutions is a wholly-owned business subsidiary of Florida Realtors® and is located in the Florida Realtors® headquarters in Orlando, FL.

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