Learn More About Going Paperless

Learn More About Going Paperless

Going Paperless and Mobile with the eSignDashboard iPad App

art_recycle_earthFrom retechnology:

We heard through the grapevine that GoPaperless Solutions would soon be releasing their new iPad app. So, we called them up and asked to hear all about it. Prabakar Mahalingam, COO of GoPaperless, shared the details of the upcoming release.

First, the Basics
The app will be available on the App Store around December 1st. This is dependent upon the “powers that be” of Apple. Their acceptance process is surprisingly strenuous, we hear.

Best of all, the app will be free for the first few days that it is available on the App Store. We’ll let you know as soon as it is released so that you can take advantage of the free offer.

Key Features
“With the app,” says Mr. Mahalingam, “real estate agents can now be paperless AND mobile. Picture this: you’re sitting at your desk (with your computer that has the GoPaperless Real Estate Dashboard software installed), and you get called away to have a client sign documents. So, you head out into the field with your trusty iPad. If you have our app, you can meet the client wherever they want, and they can sign the documents on your iPad with a stylus or their finger. As soon as you get back to the office, you will see that the signed document is already updated on your computer.”