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GoPaperless Solutions to be an exhibitor at CAR / NAR expos

Escondido, CA – GoPaperless Solutions looks forward to being an exhibitor at the California Association of Realtors (CAR) expo in Long Beach from October 14-16 and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) expo in Orlando, FL from November 7-10. GoPaperless Solutions will be demonstrating hardware, accessories, and software, including Real Estate Dashboard®, at this year’s expo. The presentation booth will contain a large screen monitor for product demonstrations, kiosks for testing and demonstration of hardware/software solutions. Consulting services will be provided by the sales management team for expo visitors and Realtors to find ways to go mobile, go green, and go paperless in their business and deliver a competitive edge for their clients.

The NAR Convention and Expo in Orlando, FL will be held at the Orange County Convention Center and is the real estate industry’s largest attraction and convention. Events ranging from seminars and workshops from more than 200 speakers that include experts like David Knox and celebrities like Lance Armstrong and Lionel Richie to new ideas and productivity tools demonstrated by over 600 exhibitors.

The CAR expo, held at the Long Beach Convention Center, is California’s largest real estate show and expo attracting thousands of sales agents and brokers, franchises, educators, and other professionals looking to learn about new tools, new ideas, and take part in a variety of seminars and workshops. Over 300 exhibitors are expected to showcase their products and tools this year. Admission to the EXPO hall is FREE for members of the California Association of Realtors.

GoPaperless Solutions is the one source for paper-free hardware/software solutions. Our team of IT professionals and industry experts will show you how to save time and money by utilizing technology to help manage your transaction documents and contracts without paper and without being bound to the office.

Real Estate Dashboard® is a wet e-signature capture software that lets real estate professionals and their clients sign documents electronically and securely with ease while still maintaining the legality of paper-based signatures. Real Estate Dashboard® main features include: Easy Wet e-Signatures, Paperless Document Management, Dedicated Electronic Fax and Email Transmission, Contact Database, Secure Document Back-up, and Remote Online Access.

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