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IRS To Accept More Documents with Electronic Signatures

Escondido, CA – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has revised its electronic signature policies to now accept e-signatures on Forms 8878 and 8879. Details of the guidance can be viewed at

“This is a huge step forward for the accounting and tax community that has largely been dependent on paper intensive processes to serve their clients. Our current financial, tax and accounting customers as well as Electronic Return Originators (EROs) can be rest assured that our eSignOnline solution far exceeds the requirements listed by the IRS,” said Prabakar Mahalingam, COO of GoPaperless. “This new policy update from the IRS will allow tax professionals to further streamline their business processes to quickly and efficiently sign time sensitive forms.”

The IRS has created a set of requirements for electronic signatures on the 8878 and 8879 forms. GoPaperless’ eSignOnline offers a complete approach that complies with the IRS guidelines, the ESIGN Act and UETA laws by providing:

  • An audit trail that tracks all signer actions and IP addresses
  • Secure encryption so documents can be read and signed only by designated users
  • Unique eSignature IDs created for each signer
  • Signer verification and authentication that includes email, password codes, SMS text and knowledge based authentication
  • Date and Time stamps of every event in the document signing process
  • Transaction summary with complete document version history

About GoPaperless

GoPaperless Solutions is a hi-tech company delivering the latest in total paper-free computing business solutions backed by leading edge service and support with our global ecosystem in mind. GoPaperless Solutions provides innovative software solutions such as eSignOnline™, eSignPrinter™, eSignAdmin™, eMail2eSign™, eSignDashboard™, Real Estate Dashboard™ and REDfax™ for the paperless professional in a variety of industries including real estate, insurance, automotive, finance, health care, and field service.

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