Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits: Insurance Professionals

GoPaperless Solutions, Inc. has developed a high-tech solution for insurance professionals who are tired of dealing with the costs and time associated with large amounts of paperwork.  benefits-photo-insurance

Imagine being able to access the forms that you need without having to sift through stacks of paper.  Whether you are a sales associate, agent, appraiser, underwriter, adjuster, examiner or investigator, GoPaperless Solutions’ customizable tablet PC can help you.

The GoPaperless Tablet PC is the perfect tool for insurance professionals looking to lower operating costs via the reduction of overall paper consumption.

More than just a money-saving tool, GoPaperless Solutions’ Tablet PCsprovide insurance professionals with a variety of fully customizable benefits that are designed to optimize the way the insurance industry organizes and processes documents.

Benefits of the GoPaperless Insurance Solution:
  • Gain immediate access to every type of insurance form or document both in the office and at the client-site.
  • Automatically store and back-up all documents to GoPaperless Solutions’ secure, remote server.
  • Give other insurance professionals access to documents on GoPaperless’ secure server from any computer connected to the internet via password enabled user access.
  • Allow clients to view and e-sign insurance documents inside and outside of the office on your Tablet PC.
  • Send documents, including those that have been e-signed, from your Mobile Broadband enabled Tablet PC via fax or email from anywhere in the US.
  • Stay fully connected with your GoPaperless Tablet PC using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Mobile Broadband connections. (Wireless Mobile Broadband, WiFi and Bluetooth hardware come standard inside your Tablet PC.)
  • Take oral statements via the Tablet PC’s built-in microphone and voice recording software.
  • Secure your data with the latest biometric fingerprint login hardware and cutting-edge 128 bit SSL encryption software.
  • Increase your operational mobility with the built-in docking station and wireless Bluetooth keyboard that gives your Tablet PC a full range of functionality anywhere your business takes you.

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