Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits: Medical Professionals

GoPaperless Solutions, Inc. has designed and developed a custom business solution for the medical professional community that reduces the cost and time associated with the processing of paperwork. Medical professionals understand that excessive time spent processing paperwork can have a negative impact on patient care.  [350]benefits-photo-medical

The GoPaperless Tablet PC is an advanced, fully customizable, mobile computing solution that enables medical professional to have 24/7 access to all patient information, insurance documents, hospital and medical care forms and pharmaceutical information at any location.

The GoPaperless Tablet PC is also the perfect bedside tool for both Medical Doctors (MDs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) inside the examination room or at the patient’s home.  Using the stylus pen, doctors, nurses as well as first responders can take patient notes directly onto the Tablet PC which are then automatically scripted and encrypted viaGoPaperless’ proprietary eSign Dashboard software.  All data scripted into the Tablet PC is secured via 128 bit SSL data encryption software that meets HIPAA patient privacy and personal health information standards.

The Tablet PC streamlines the prescription writing process as well.  Once doctors have written out and signed the prescription on their Tablet PC using the stylus pen, they can then immediately send it to their patient’s pharmacist via either fax or email.  Thus, the GoPaperless Solutions’ Tablet PC mitigates problems associated with lost and illegally altered patient prescriptions.

More Benefits of the GoPaperless Medical Professional Solution:

  • 24/7 access to every type of medical and insurance document at any location.
  • Store and back-up all documents to GoPaperless Solutions’ secure server.
  • Give colleagues access to view documents saved on GoPaperless Solutions’ remote server from any computer connected to the internet via password enabled user access.
  • Allow patients to view and sign medical and insurance documents inside or outside of the office directly onto your Tablet PC.
  • Send medical documents stored on your Mobile Broadband enabled Tablet PC via fax or email from anywhere in the US.
  • Stay fully connected with your GoPaperless Tablet PC using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Mobile Broadband connections. (Wireless Mobile Broadband, WiFi and Bluetooth hardware come standard inside your Tablet PC)
  • Secure your data with the latest biometric fingerprint login hardware and cutting-edge 128 bit SSL encryption software.

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