Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits: Real Estate Agents

When it comes to working with your Client, it’s all about service, optimizing your time, your clients time, productivity, and return on your investment.

What differentiates you from other Agents competing for the same client using a GoPaperless Solution is the following:

  • A Hi-Tech Business Solution will differentiate you the Agent from competing Agents
  • Allows you to show your client how you can better server their needs immediately without running them around town to unnecessary locations to show them property they may not be interested in.
  • High-tech Business Solution that will allow you to access data anytime anywhere without going back to the office.  A true mobile office solution, backed up by award winning service and support.
  • Will increase your closing ratio instantly by enabling the completion of “Winform”  or specific state approved listing or purchase contract on the spot rather than heading back to your office, or meeting your buyer/seller again at a later date for signatures.
  • Allows you to truly take your office with you where ever you go: fax, email, internet, access to files and documentation.  It’s all about saving time so you can be more productive.
  • It also enables other parties involved in the transaction, such as Transaction Coordinators, Escrow, or Mortgage Professionals, to access documentation any time without bothering you the Agent.  Again allowing everyone to be more productive in servicing the client.

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