Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits: State and Local Government

State and local government agencies around the U.S. have long been burdened with unmanageable amounts of paperwork.  Clerk’s offices, public works departments, police and fire departments and motor vehicle registration offices are just a few of the agencies at the state and local level that are responsible for accepting, processing and filing millions of documents every year.  benefits-photo-government

Following the federal government’s lead (the Government Paperwork Elimination Act of 1998), many state and local agencies have attempted to cut down on their prodigious amounts of paperwork with high-tech solutions.  Now, GoPaperless Solutions has developed the ideal business solution for state and local government agencies that are looking to reduce the cost and time spent on processing paperwork.  The GoPaperless Solutions Tablet PC is custom-designed to reduce paperwork and increase operational efficiency within these agencies and throughout the rest of state and local government.

The GoPaperless Tablet PC is the most effective tool for state and local government administrators, bureaucrats and policymakers who are looking to lower operating costs via the reduction of paper consumption, storage, copying and faxing.  More than just a money-saving tool, GoPaperless Solutions’ Tablet PC offers a wide-range of fully customizable benefits that are designed to revolutionize the way the state and local government agencies process, access, archive and share official documents.

The Tablet PC is the ideal solution for government agencies looking to cut document retrieval times, make more efficient the compilation and distribution of agendas, and more effectively monitor access to sensitive government records and documents.

Additional Benefits of the GoPaperless State and Local Government Solution:
  • Give government administrators and officials in other departments access to documents on GoPaperless’ secure server from any computer connected to the internet via password enabled user access.
  • Allow people to sign official documents inside or outside of the office onto the Tablet PC using the stylus pen.
  • Send all documents, including electronically signed forms, on your Tablet PC via fax or email from any location.
  • Connect to the internet or local area networks with the GoPaperless Tablet PC using WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Mobile Broadband connections. (Wireless Mobile Broadband, WiFi and Bluetooth hardware come standard inside your Tablet PC.)
  • Secure all sensitive government documents with the latest biometric fingerprint login hardware and cutting-edge 128 bit SSL encryption software.

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