Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits

Paperless Benefits: Transportation

GoPaperless Solutions, Inc. has developed an innovative business solution for today’s shipping and transport industry professionals who are looking for a better way to connect their field and logistical operations with their remote and corporate offices.  benefits-photo-transportation

In a sector where operational efficiency is critical to business success,GoPaperless Solutions’ Tablet PC provides transportation and shipping professionals the high tech tools needed to organize logistical operations, book shipping and transportation, monitor product movement and communicate securely with field personnel.

Much more than a laptop, the GoPaperless Tablet PC is a unique mobile computing solution that is packed with a full-array of advanced applications and features designed to meet the specific needs of professionals working in the shipping and transport business.

The GoPaperless Tablet PC reduces the need for paperwork and, therefore, lowers operating costs resulting from paper consumption.

Benefits of the GoPaperless Tablet PC Solution:

  • 24/7 access to all company documents including contracts, shipment manifests and transport schedules from anywhere.
  • Automatic back-up and storage of all documents on GoPaperless Solutions’ secure, remote server.
  • Secure data with the latest biometric fingerprint login hardware and cutting-edge 128 bit SSL encryption software.
  • Allow company personnel and clients to access documents on GoPaperless’ secure server from any computer connected to the internet via password enabled user access.
  • Send and encrypt confidential emails and other online communications, including e-signed documents, using your Mobile Broadband enabled Tablet PC from anywhere in the US.
  • Fax documents from anywhere and at anytime.
  • E-sign contracts and other official documents inside and outside of the office directly onto your Tablet PC.
  • Stay fully connected with your GoPaperless Tablet PC using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Mobile Broadband connections. (Wireless Mobile Broadband, WiFi and Bluetooth hardware come standard inside your Tablet PC.)
  • Increase operational mobility with the built-in docking station and wireless Bluetooth keyboard that gives the Tablet PC a full range of in the field functionality.

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