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Training and Support

Security for your Tablet PC

GoPaperless has strongly embraced the need for enhanced platform-based security for its Tablet PCs. The result of that commitment has been to provide safe and effective computing environment out-of-the-box that enables strong security protection. That base level offering will serve as the foundation for complementary add-on security technologies that will allow you to maximize your security protection.

The GoPaperless security architecture is structured on integrating various hardware security technologies and software security applications to deliver customizable, uncompromising protection, and performance. This architecture is designed to provide an extensible security framework that enables a wide array of security features. The multi-layered approach addresses vulnerabilities in four protection classes labeled access control, application and data protection, platform protection, and network protection.

Ultimately it is the organization or the end users decision as to how much protection is needed. For some, security policies may identify data as the most important asset. They may choose to enable existing and add-on security technologies that will provide the highest level of protection for their data. For other users, the tablet pc may be the most important asset and they can choose to enable existing and add-on theft protection technologies to harden their platform.

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