Tablets in the LIGHT!

Everywhere you turn everyone is talking about tablets! Problem, or rather, the concern, is that they are often overlooking a very important use for the tablet, as a MOBILE BUSINESS PLATFORM!

The tablet is built for mobile business professional who desires an easy way to manage digital files, share information across all platforms (access, email, and fax), capture electronic signatures, and surf the web while viewing and listening to all forms of multimedia.

Enhanced Multimedia functionality brings us closer to a high performance super cool dual purpose entertainment/business PC. Everyone loves the idea of touch screen applications with a powerful back end to handle business applications like biometric signature capture.

Business professionals want to free themselves from the office, the tablet is the answer.  And having great software optimizes the tablet giving users sexy touch and stylus pen driven applications. Question begs “does this bring us closer and closer to the tried and true hand to paper correlation?”  Drawing, writing, moving things freely with your finger or stylus pen… this is what everyone wants!  Like the iPhone, well…. the tablet is the next logical evolution.

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