What is a Tablo?

Ok so you really want to go paperless but you can’t afford to buy a tablet… just yet… well there is a solution to give your laptop computer relatively the same functionality as a tablet pc… basically you will be able to write on the screen and capture electronic signatures! REALLY?

Ok, does this negate the need for a tablet? NO, absolutely not. But is it an affordable stepping stone to a tablet PC? YES. End of day it comes down to user experience. You want to give your clients the same look and feel of signing a piece of paper… on your Tablet. But for roughly $150 you can buy a Tablo and at least capture digital signatures.

The Tablo clips (like a magnet) onto the top of your laptop PC and plugs into a USB port. There is a digital pen so you can now write on your screen. So how does it write? While it is not the same as writing on a tablet PC it still allows you to capture a digital signature which allows you to use Real Estate Dashboard today without a Tablet PC. The point is that going paperless is a progression and the Tablo is a stepping stone for someone who just can’t afford a Tablet PC.

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