The cost of adopting new technology may just pay off

According to, rich real estate agents spend more on technology than “poor” real estate agents do. In fact, they spend the same amount on technology in one month that a “poor” agent spends in one year.

That makes me wonder, why is that? Why is it that we tend to think that by holding back we are saving ourselves money? Or, that we are handling our workload with perfection when we haven’t bothered to try and evolve in our industry? Meanwhile, John Doe is making a fortune just because he’s “rich” and can afford all of those extra tools. I beg to differ, the reason Mr. Doe seems to be floating right along on a pile of cash is because he took the time to maximize his profits and time by adopting tools and technology to aid him in his business.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying , “you have to spend money to make money” , and nothing says that more than the this scenario. Going paperless isn’t just about getting the cool new gadgets or tools, it’s about increasing productivity, decreasing the time it takes to complete a deal and ultimately saving money.

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