The iPad Tablet

Why are they even calling this a tablet? It runs on the iPhone operating system!?! No USB?!? This is a glorified iPhone, just bigger, but again locked into only using pre-existing fixed applications. It is a closed system in other words, and that is not a good thing (well, I guess, unless your apple haha)

Is it great for reading, listening, and viewing? Yes, certainly. But as I predicted there is not one ounce of use for the mobile, business professional that wants more from their tablet experience… like going paperless!

So to wrap up this is the most expensive iPhone on the market… and you can’t even make calls from it


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  1. Well I do agree that the Ipad is not a tablet, it is the way professionals are wanting to go..always on, ease of use etc. Now with the new Blackberry coming out, we are getting more and more questions about this.
    To stay ahead of the market, I believe it is important to create an application that will work with these so that the paperless business can grow.
    I do love my tablet, but often do not take it with me…its a pain in the butt and is sometimes easier just to get the paper signed

  2. Joe

    I have to agree with David. I would much rather grab my IPad over my Dell tablet. Much smaller to deal with and listing presentations are better. The only down fall with the IPad is writing on it. On my tablet you can write normal like your writing on paper. iPad you can’t do that as your other fingers mark up the page. The iPad app with RED would be great. Just make it so you can put a box where you want the client to sign that way you can’t mark up other parts of the page. This would be great!

    1. Joe – yes, we are aware of the positives and the negatives working with the iPad. Our signature capability will address those issues. Thanks for your faith in our product, we hope to continue to impress you.

    2. You guys are in luck since eSignDashboard will be the only ipad app to offer both free hand signing AND a defined signing field with features like stroke speed=ink thickness where the speed of your stroke determines the thickness of the ink on the page allowing for a more natural looking signature and also palm recognition where the app is smart enough to determine that the markup should only show under your pen, not where you rest your palm/hand. With a wealth of features planned, eSignDashboard will become the most valuable app on your iPad. It will be FREE for the first 3 days of the NAR Expo in November for those that attend; afterwards, the standard version will be $4.99 with the option to sync to your subscription based service on your PC.

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