Top 10 Reasons to Go Paperless

How Electronic Signatures Can Help Any Real Estate Professional
By Rebecca Meier

What sets an agent apart from all other agents? It isn’t always that easy to break from the mold and stand out in the crowd. In our market today, clients are looking for something more, something different, something to give them a reason to pick that perfect agent and refer them to friends and family.
Real Estate Agents can bring value to their clients by using the Technology that we all have at our fingertips. Some people may find today’s technology a bit overwhelming and shy away from it and those are the people that may be missing out on potential clients, commissions and a much smoother transaction.
Imagine you are sitting in front of a potential client, trying to get that listing. Your potential clients have also interviewed two other agents right before you. You pull out your Tablet PC or iPad and fire up your Real Estate Dashboard™ electronic signature software, allowing them view and securely sign all the required documents right on the screen with the digital pen…no paper, no fax machines, no worries. Then you just email or e-fax it off right from the software. They are so impressed that it was so easy. After you have developed a relationship with your client, you can use eSignOnline™ to send them documents for digital signature without them having to print, scan or fax and without you having to wait for them to get documents back to you. It all happens automatically and within minutes, everyone gets a signed copy. Clients love it and appreciate your use of technology to their benefit.

Here are 10 reasons why going paperless can benefit your business directly:
1. Reduce business cost associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges, repairs and support.
2. Eliminate filing cabinets and reduce office space
3. Conduct business in a mobile environment resulting in faster responses to customers
4. Increase efficiency of your staff by removing the time spent searching for and sending documents
5. Present a professional image to your customers with mobile computing solutions
6. Create faster business work flow by eliminating the time wasted on getting paper signatures on contracts and forms that need to be hand delivered
7. Secure backup of all documents
8. Real time updates and delivery of documents
9. Conduct business environmentally friendly and brag about it
10. Establish rapport with clients who favor “going green”

In this “Green” world we are living in today, you and your client should feel good that you are all taking part to help preserve our beautiful planet by going paperless.
Consider some of the environmental impact of using paper in your business:

• Cutting trees that release oxygen for our environment
• Energy usage and release of harmful gases in pulp and paper industry
• Fuel consumption by air, rail, and road transport distributing reams of paper
• Fuel consumption sending paper documents via ground & air courier services
• Manufacturing printers, ink and toner cartridges

Consider the following facts about the paper and ink industry:
• Paper consumption has tripled since 1960 and Americans generate 85 million tons of paper into the waste stream
• The U.S. pulp and paper industry is the 2nd largest consumer of energy
• EPA estimates that more than 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges end up in landfills each year
• The average U.S. officer worker prints 10,000 pages per year

Consider the environmental impact of just 10 million pages:
• 2,500 trees
• 56,000 gallons of oil
• 450 cubic yards of landfill space
• 595,000 KW (kilowatts) of energy (Data Source:

This article was written by GoPaperless Account Executive Rebecca Meier. To learn more about GoPaperless, please click here.
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