Vying for the Handshake

Vying for the Handshake

Vying for the Handshake

It seems now that the more connected we are through our mobile devices and software like teleconferencing, instant messenger, email, or even face time on our smart phones, the less connected we become with face-to-face communication. Today, we now strive for efficiency in business and it’s no secret we are heavily reliant on technology to assist us on tasks that we would typically have to waste valuable time on. Although breakthroughs are occurring almost on a daily basis, for instance the iPad 3, organizations should not abandon to chance to meet with their clients when the opportunity presents itself. For example, a family buying their first home can be a very enduring experience. Having their agent assisting and communicating with them through this process can alleviate unwanted stress. Communication is the essence of an organizations livelihood. Face-to-face communication in business is still a primary method due to their ability to shape strong and meaningful relationships. The opportunity to further connect with coworkers and clients is immeasurable and the benefits are hard to argue.

  • Emotional responses – whether in distress or in levity, people will most likely respond more favorably in person than via teleconferencing or email. With a formal business transaction, you have the ability to add your own unique, personal touch.


  • Conflict – If a client or a co-worker is enraged, usually it is not a good idea to try and mediate the situation from a distance. Being face-to-face is convenient and can usually produce instant solutions rather than letting the situation marinate.


  • Priority – If there is a new product on the way out, you want your team in place in the same war room to make any last minute changes and as the chief, you may prefer they stay until the job is done.


  • Honesty – when you are present with a client, you want to disclose everything that is pertinent to the situation. Everything you want to discuss and or sign is present and it’s impossible to seal the deal with a power handshake over video conference. When you’re dealing with older, established organizations, they likely prefer this technique.


While more personal interaction is desired among businesses, it is unrealistic to think you can join in on every meeting. More businesses are requiring their employees to be “mobile professionals” in this new Information Age. Mobile professionals, such as real estate agents, now essentially must provide the same quality service that could be levied in a face-to-face meeting. Because this business person can be working from anywhere, having the latest tools such as tablet PC’s help them stay on the forefront of their industry. Anytime a mobile professional is on the move, most likely a contract or document needs to be signed and traditional methods like lugging around pen and paper is outdated. Now, tablet PC’s offer mobile professional’s instruments like electronic signatures. Before, to get a document signed, usually a face to face meeting was required or some sort of express mailing which requires people meeting, conversing, and signing. Essentially, valuable time is wasted. Utilizing electronic signatures, since becoming legally binding under the E-Sign Act of 2000, can offer enhanced levels of security and professionalism if you can’t make that meeting with your client. Go Paperless Solutions has aided numerous firms with document management, electronic signatures, tablet based signing, and mobile solutions. By offering software like eSignOnline, eSignDashBoard, and Real Estate Dashboard, Go Paperless Solutions has helped firms go virtually paperless by eliminating the need for signing, scanning, faxing, and mailing.

If you have a chance to attend that meeting and sign a contract, why not do it on a shiny new iPad or sleek Android Tablet? Clients want to know their information is safe and when you dabble in electronic signatures, it spells digital encryption. Trying to forge an identity is much more challenging when you are signing with an electronic signature. With the abundance of work to do, it can be difficult to find time for honest face-to-face communication and it’s clear that there is no substitute. Although you may not make every meeting, you can be reassured that your mobile tools can keep propelling your business forward.

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