What Windows 7 reall means for Tablet users

I am a believer!

Look, tablets are here to stay. While it might take 2-5 years to hit the masses, early adaptors are starting to boast about how neat they really are! The writing is on the wall with Windows 7 getting of tons of press on this subject of tablets, the fact that every manufacturer has or is about to release a Tablet PC. And what about the whole spectacle of anticipation for what the apple camp is doing! Multi-touch features, the ability to write on the screen and move applications around with your finger, have created a cottage industry of companies developing real world applications for this new world of computing.

A lot of folks ask if tablets are moving towards basically a computer with iPhone-like functionality. This is open to a much bigger discussion, and let’s just see how it all plays out! In the meantime there are plenty of cool tablets to consider.

Fact of the matter is whether you are designer drawing complex drawings, a real estate agent craving ultimate mobility, a musician turning pages of music, a technician writing notes, or a doctor updating digital patient files, going paperless is simply a better way to do these things! Because these actions begin as a digital file, they are more dynamic; you can do more with them. Archive your files, and share them instantly through email, fax, and social platforms, or share them with your clients, partners or friends!

What about the ability to capture real biometric handwriting, where it can be translated and managed by a database. This throughput can automate simple tasks like ordering prescriptions if necessary, scheduling follow-up appointments, or sending notifications (email/text/voice/calendar) to help facilitate and manage transactional elements and timelines.

Hand writing recognition allows you to capture sketched ideas (with your stylus pen) which can be translated, converted, and shared amongst a team of designers, management, or the CEO in easily readable PDF files.

Microsoft has recognized the spectrum of applications that appeal to sales agents, designers, architects, lawyers, artists, musician… anyone, really.

So I welcome Windows 7!

I am a believer!

This platform will continue to bridge the gap between once dreamed about applications and real-world systems that help capture information in a more unique way while creating beneficial environmental impact, saving people time (and gas!), and giving anyone the ability to capture spontaneous ideas using a stylus pen and your fingertips… literally!


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